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Please download the latest plug in here and follow the instructions provided. is born. is little more than the externalisation of a deep passion I have and share; a passion for photography and social commentary. However, let me preface this statement by another... I am not a professional photographer. I am but an amateur.

I will never forget the passion and memories brought to life by the Grandparents of someone I once held dear, when they talked about an old black and white photo hanging on the wall of an even older house. This passion made me realise that each memory, irrespective of how insignificant it may be when formed, has the potential of becoming awe inspiring in the distant future.

So it is with the want of capturing memories that I set forth and created Yes, this site will showcase some of my work, but it will soon grow to showcase the work of friends that also share my passion. Some photos will be of the inorganic; lifeless and unchanging... while others will capture the very souls of people unknown. originates from Melbourne, Australia... but it hopes to grow to include all cultures and all walks of life. Whatever the subject, each photo will always have its story to tell... Take the time to listen to it!

Fabio T

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