Savings and Investments

Perredon have a wealth of experience in the many different types of savings and investment strategies. We have undertaken a considerable amount of research in recent years and developed a system that is designed to help you maximise returns in line with a level of investment risk that is acceptable to you.

We will recommend those products that are best suited to your own particular situation whilst seeking to minimise the effects of taxation and policy charges. In addition to our own in-house fund research, we draw upon the services of a leading specialist research bureaux, whose function is solely to provide wealth managers with information that is essential to successful fund selection.

In designing portfolios, we will recommend the most appropriate combination of ISAs, Investment Bonds, Unit Trusts and OEICs to suit your requirements.

At Perredon, we are very hands-on with our investment management. We are fully accountable to you and will provide you with regular updates through our review service, which will clearly outline the performance of your portfolio. We take our responsibilities very seriously and will seek to gain your trust and confidence over the longer term.

It is worth noting that an extra 1% per annum return on £100,000 invested over 10 years would make an additional £10,462 on maturity. It is important to hold investment managers to account for their performance - ‘inertia’ can be very costly over the long term.

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ISAs are a type of investment that allows your money to grow tax-free. This means that you can choose any of the investments that have the ISA wrapper and your money can grow without leaving you liable for Capital Gains Tax or income tax.

Investment Bonds

Bonds are collective investments in which the investments of many individual investors are pooled. This pooling enables relatively small investors to benefit from the economies of scale made available to institutional fund managers.

A wide choice of managed, general and specialist funds are available offering investment opportunities in equity, property and fixed interest securities.

Onshore Investment Bonds are subject to tax within the fund on income and gains, whereas offshore bond funds do not pay tax on income and gains within the fund.

Unit Trusts

Unit Trusts are collective investments which give private investors a chance to make capital gains, usually by investing in the stockmarket. Unit Trusts offer investors the potential to achieve capital gains which exceed what is usually possible in a Building Society, but in choosing this option entails taking a degree of added risk. Some of the risk may however have been minimised because when you put your money into a unit trust, you are effectively buying a small quantity of shares in several companies.

OEICs (Open ended investment companies)

OEICs are pooled investment vehicles, in company form. They are like unit trusts which they are designed to replace. They are the norm internationally and the UK is now coming into line in an effort to open these foreign markets to UK companies.

For most people, OEICs are easier to understand than either unit or investment trusts because they have a single price unlike unit trusts, and are not prone to discounts or premiums as is the case with investment trusts.

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